After-sale Service

Focus on lighting, overall solution provider of commercial lighting

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    Exploration, drawing design, communication, and guidance.

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    Products Recommended

    Recommend products that match the brand image

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    Product Supply

    Supply of quality, time and care products

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    Provide safe and efficient logistics for "door-to-door" distribution

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    Stock tracking

    Full tracking of product transportation, arrival, and distribution

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    Installation guide

    Professional technicians are responsible for guiding the installation, commissioning and use throughout the process

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    Return visit system

    Establish customer service files, and return visits from time to time

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    Service Hotline

    24-hour customer service hotline to handle consultation and complaints

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    Maintenance outlets

    Complete repair service outlets have been set up throughout the country, and professional technicians come to maintain them

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    Service Hours

    In cities where maintenance service outlets have been established, services will be available within 48 hours, and in surrounding cities, services will be available within 72 hours.

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