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Semiconductor Distribution

Semiconductor Distribution


Tecnon · Bostar Technology

    Products are mainly active components, including 5G RF ICs and various sensors. The main markets are smartphones, consumer electronics, automotive and security.

Most of the brands represented are international and domestic front-line brands, and have contributed to the rapid growth and market share increase of these upstream chip manufacturers in China, including Qorvo, TDK, AKM, Dialog, Sensortek, SG, and SOI. Poststar is Qorvo's largest distributor.













Mainly key customers in Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, Honor, Huaqin, Wingtech and other industries






BYD, Xiaopeng, Hangsheng Huayang, CVTE, etc






Hikang, Jetco, TCL, Skyworth, Konka, etc






Ten Thousand Devils, Anke, Little Genius Rambler, Harman, Hown, Konai Shin, etc





Reasons to choose us

More complete product line · Support more professional · The service is more in place




Provide stable and reliable original factory resources


Provide a steady stream of the latest products


Provide professional FAE technical support


Provide reliable and up-to-date technical solutions


Provide prompt and efficient sales response


Provide the best quality and timely logistics services


The company focuses on the development of domestic key customers, and its business has grown rapidly, with sales of 2020 million US dollars in 4 and 08 million US dollars in 2021.


The company continues to introduce the most advanced technology and IC to provide the best technical support services for important customers in China, as well as prompt, efficient and in place sales and back-office services.





Honor showcase


Qorvo's number one agent

Qorvo ranked first in the dealer rating for eight consecutive quarters

Awarded Best Agent by Qorvo

In 2021, it was rated as one of the top 20 excellent agents in China by the authoritative magazine of "China Electronic Business Information"

In 2021, it was awarded the "Best Team Contribution Award" by the original AKM

Rated as "2021 Excellent Agent" by Wingtech Technology


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